Ok, so is this page a joke? Well yes and no. Technically no because I am indeed the "talent" used in many ways for my job at ROCKY Shoes and Boots. But do I really consider myself a model at all? Heck no - it's just something to laugh and brag about. Anyway, the following are some shots from my modeling career and experiences.

My first experience as a footwear model came early after I began working at ROCKY. We needed a photo of the new BigFoot style so I stuffed my feet into a pair of size 10 boots and ended up making page 12 of our 2002 Outdoor & Casual Footwear catalog and page 18 of the 2003 Outdoor Catalog. The BigFoot boot #9297 is featured to the left.
My second modeling experience was around March of 2002 when my boss asked if I would be the "talent" in a series of ROCKY commercials to air on ESPN 2, TNN and The Outdoor Channel. Of course I said yes, and I apeared in 3 of the 4 ROCKY commercials that aired on Cabela's Sportsman's Quest and Bill Jordan's Realtree Outdoors. The commercials featured myself and the grandson of a ROCKY Customer Service Rep. getting ready for a hunting trip and driving a fully-restored vintage 1950 Ford F2 pickup truck which ROCKY gave away in early 2003.

The images above are five of many shots taken in early November of 2002 to show the new ROCKY Camo Clothing and ROCKY Hats & Bags. The first image on the left was featured in a full-page ad to tell about ROCKY's new Scent IQ boots and clothing on page 10 of our 2003 Outdoor Catalog. The image on the far right also appeared in the 2003 catalog on page 37.

Finally, these images were used as part of our advertising and in our product Press Release for the new ROCKY Carson Safety System (CSS) treestand harness. I actually sat in a treestand for the first time in my life during two seperate photoshoots in early March of 2003. The first two images will be featured inside the Hunter's Handbook, a guide for all hunters who take a special safety course before hunting. The 2nd image from the left was taken in the ROCKY office and also appears in our ROCKY CSS Press Release as well as the Hunter's Handbook.