Luke M. Jernigan's Ancestry & Jernigan Genealogy

In December of 2007, my wife and I began to research the Jernigan name. Many times in my life I have been asked of the origin of my name, usually responding with a assumed "German" or "English." Now, it seems that while we have traced back our family to Martin Jernigan and Ann Groves in the early 1800's, we have hit a major roadblock. While we have used many different resources to research the Jernigan name, the data provided by, Howard Baulch, John C. Jernigan, and Kay Stone has been extremely helpful as has the Jernigan Reunion book by Lillian Jernigan Worley. Please note that I do not claim to be 100% accurate on every little detail, however I do believe all of the info I have listed to be correct. To contact me about my research or help me fill in some of my holes please contact me at lmj110 (at) (remove the spaces as I do this because of SPAM robots). Below is some of the data we have found including my direct line:

Martin Jernigan > Granville B. Jernigan > J. Martin Jernigan > Granville James Jernigan > James Alvin Jernigan > Ronald James Jernigan > Luke Michael Jernigan > Nathan Paul Jernigan

  • Martin Jernigan, b ~1804, m 16 May 1824, d 6 Oct 1831
    • Granville B. Jernigan, b 1825, m 26 Jul 1848, d 1864
      • J. Martin Jernigan, b 1851, d 1898
        • James Granville Jernigan, b 6 Dec 1877, m 14 Sep 1910, d 12 Dec 1955
          • James Alvin Jernigan, b 5 Jul 1922, m 16 Apr 1950, d 24 July 1983
            • Ronald James Jernigan, b 1 Apr 1953, m 20 Apr 1974, still living
              • Luke Michael Jernigan, b 16 Mar 1978, m 7 Aug 2004, still living
                • Nathan Paul Jernigan, b 11 Oct 2008, still living

Martin Jernigan - Martin married Ann Groves in 1824 and had either two or three children, Granville B., Susan and possibly a Martin Jr. After Martin died in 1831, Ann Groves was remarried to a Jeremiah Murray and had six more children.

Granville B. Jernigan - Granville B. Jernigan was born in 1825 and married Keziah Ann Stone in 1848. Granville B. and Keziah had seven children; Sarah Elizabeth, William Nicholas, J. Martin, Mary Ann, Marlin R., Frances S. and Robert Jernigan. Granville B. Jernigan served as a Private in the 30th Regiment, Illinois Infantry of the Civil War, fighting for the Union, and died as a P.O.W. in Georgia. Granville B. Jernigan was buried in Illinois.

J. Martin Jernigan - J. Martin Jernigan married Mattie Aldridge who was born in 1861 and lived until 1919. Our research indicated her name as Martha A. Jernigan, but her grave reads Mattie F. Aldridge. J. Martin's grave, interestingly enough, has Jernigan spelled "Gernigan." J. Martin & Mattie had six kids; William Riley, James Granville, Harriet (known as Hattie), Ann Lee (known as Annie), Robert, Mary Elizabeth (known as Mollie) and Martha M. Jernigan.

James Granville Jernigan - James Granville Jernigan was born in 1877 in Tennessee and married "Doney" Denson, who was also from Tennessee, in 1910. James Granville and Doney had five children; Addie Louise, Lonnie Lee, Mildred Elizabeth (known as Elizabeth), Mattie May (known as May) and James Alvin.

James Alvin Jernigan - James Alvin Jernigan left Tennessee for Ohio and married Carolyn Ann Kandel in 1950. The two made their home in Gahanna, Ohio, where they raised three children; Ronald James, Richard Gene & Judith Ann. While James passed away in 1983, Carolyn is still living today. Carolyn and all three of her children currently reside in or around the Central Ohio (Columbus) area.

Ronald James Jernigan - The first in this direct line to graduate from high school, Ron married Donna DeVore and has lived in Gahanna, Ohio, since marrying Donna in 1974. Ron and Donna have one child, Luke.

Luke Michael Jernigan - The first of this line to receive a college degree, Luke is the owner of this site and the best person on this list to contact about Jernigan ancestry and the research data on this page. Please send emails to lmj110 @ (take out the spaces). Luke was born in Columbus, Ohio, married in Andover, Ohio, and currently resides in Roaming Shores, Ohio.