MMA & Combat Sports

Since 2008 I have been heavily involved in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and combat sports. As two sites were launched, and, I quickly became hooked on the combat sports world, MMA specifically. The combination of a focus on respect and the incredible strategic elements of the MMA game continue to draw me to it for both large professional events and local amateur events alike.

Luke Jernigan on Twitter

As both Web sites became more and more popular gathering hundreds of thousands of unique visitors the idea to start a MMA apparel line formed. Not being one to half-ass anything in business, building the Intimidation ClothingTM brand has proven to be one of the most enjoyable challenges I have ever faced in life.

My goal with the Intimidation brand is not only to make the Intimidation brand a leader in the industry, but continue to work hard to bring honesty and integrity to the combat sports industry. In my experience in the MMA world I have come across a ton of fantastic people; too many to list here. I have also come to realize that there are a lot of self-centered people in this industry who don't care about anyone but themselves. While it is a shame, the biggest crime is that the ruin things for the 95% of the industry that is trustworthy and respectful.

Today, Intimidation Clothing is a presenting sponsor for every event run by the NAAFS (North American Allied Fight Series), one of the most well-respected MMA promotions in the USA and arguably the biggest and best in the Midwest USA. The brand strategically features a wide variety of stylish apparel to cater to the masses, from unique designs that target the big-name competitors in the industry to simplified designs which continue to help evolve the MMA clothing industry. In addition to these great styles, all of which are made on top-quality garments, the quality of Intimidation's MMA fight shorts and rash guards cannot be beat. In addition, we have added hats, beanies, women's and kids' apparel and more in an effort to further expand our brand recognition. We continue to work hard behind the scenes to develop new designs, work with top-notch, respectable fighters and build our brand every day.

For anyone who has read this far into the page, be sure to follow me on Twitter and check out Intimidation-sponsored Ohio MMA Radio where I am a co-host. I try to remain active on Twitter and have a small following that is growing by the week. I try to provide updates on the businesses, tidbits about my life, opinions on the sports world and offer encouragement or "wise words" from time to time as I continue to learn about business and life every day. One thing that I have Tweeted before is that there may be others in the industry who are smarter and others who work harder (good luck!), but you'd be hard pressed to find a better blend of of hard work & smarts. I know how to treat people, with respect, and I get things done.

Strikeforce Welterweight Roger Bowling (left) and Bellator Middleweight Brian Rogers (right) after both were victorious at Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson in Columbus, Ohio.
UFC veterans Donny Walker (left) and Jason Dent (right) with their NAAFS Championship belts while wearing their signature shirts from Intimidation Clothing.